Demonstrator Showcase

We will be updating this page as we confirm our demonstrators over the next few months. Demonstrators we have secured for our 2023 show are listed below. We are working diligently to get details about our demonstrators and their planned demos for the event added.

Our demonstration rooms will feature FOUR demo rooms for the 2023 show. We will have two large capacity rooms of about 150 seats and two smaller capacity rooms of about 36 seats. Some of our demos will run twice over the weekend as well, once on the big stage and the second on the smaller stage.

Barry Gross

BG Artforms

BG Artforms

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With over 30 years of varied experience working in several diverse media, Barry Gross is an artisan who enjoys creating his fine writing instruments! He is an artisan who is inspired by nature and the rich textures of all the distinctive exotic materials he utilizes to create his one-of-a-kind fine writing instruments. His ongoing curiosity to discover more and diverse materials to create his unique pens is a driving force behind what inspires his creativity.

Planned demonstrations include:

  • Bespoke Pen Turning - a from start to finish look at the creation of a pen made without a kit or kit components. The only pre manufactured components are the fountain pen nib and feed. This demonstration will cover the creation of the threaded section, cap, and post components of the fountain pen.

  • The UV Resin Circuitboard Pen - A close look at the process involved in creating a circuitboard pen blank with instant curing UV resin with a UV light.


Emily Ford

She Turns Wood

Emily Ford has been a woodturner and content creator since 2015. She is known for her captive ring baby rattles, tops, and her delicate ornaments. Her love for woodworking was developed at a young age by spending time on jobsites with her General Contractor father. She has demonstrated all over the United States, and participated in the Woodturners Worldwide Symposium for the last three years. She is also shop assistant/instructor at the Dale L. Nish Woodturning School at Craft Supplies USA in Provo, Utah. She loves teaching people new to woodturning the basics because "If you can turn a bead and a cove you can turn anything!".

Planned demonstrations include:

  • Captive Ring Baby Rattles and Tops - Emily will show the ease of creating simple toys for children and grown ups alike with proper spindle gouge and ring tool use.

  • Hollow Ornaments - Watch a Christmas ornament come to life! See how the hollowing process of an ornament ball with micro hollowing tools followed by the creation of a delicate finial to finish the ornament. 


Curtis Seebeck

TurnTex, LLC

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Curtis Seebeck, a.k.a. Mesquite Man, has become synonymous with the term stabilizes wood. TurnTex, LLC has become not only the supplier of stabilizing resins but also a peerless source of information on the production of the hybrid blanks; turning blanks made from small pieces of "worthless" wood, as Curtis called it, and casting resins. Before stabilization, Curtis was an outstanding woodturner especially in the area of pen turning. Stabilization and hybrid resin blanks have extended his expertise into this new and exciting area of woodturning. His demonstrations will cover not only stabilization casting but aspects of pen turning unique to these materials. One of the most important aspects of dealing with Curtis, in whatever capacity, is his readiness to answer a question. Make sure you bring your questions with you.

Planned demonstrations include:

  • What is Stabilization? -  Curtis will discuss the details of stabilization methods and tools needed to properly stabilize wood. Being a natural material, wood is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and can expand or contract, and while beautiful in color and figure, woods that are soft and punky are not typically usable unless they are stabilized.


Paul Cress

Pen Portfolios

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Paul Cress, content creator behind Pen Portfolios, enables pen makers to sell their creations for top dollar by inspiring them to take better product photos. Paul's artistic and technical experience is vast and varied. Paul has been working for Adobe since 2015 and currently spends his days as a Creative Cloud Solution Consultant for government customers. He has been turning pens since 2017 and has helped with media production for multiple regional pen turner events. Prior to Adobe, he spent 8 years running his own photography business alongside being a multimedia designer for companies such as SAIC, BAE Systems, and Leidos.

Planned demonstrations include:

  • Closeup Photography - Paul will show us how to take quality detailed pictures of small items like pens, bowls, and similar produc.

  • Photoshop Usage - a short walk-through of the basic in's and out's of photoshop


Michael Hardin

Hardin Penworks &
Stadium Pen Blanks

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Michael Hardin is the owner and founder of Hardin Penworks pen company and Stadium Pen Blanks woodworking supplies company. His love of woodworking goes back over 25 years, since 1995, where he learned the basics from his godfather. In his early Navy service, he started making shadowboxes for retiring and departing military service members. He started turning in 2007, making pens, bowls, and other small items, and has never looked back. Michael still innovates within his craft to push further with his finished pen designs and documentation of historic materials. Michael enjoys his opportunities to teach turning techniques and blank creation too.

Planned demonstrations include:

  • Off-Center Turning - The art of turning pens and keeping some of the original painted or charred surface of the pen blank on the finished pen.  

  • Magic Juice Demo - The basic uses for polishing CA, Craft Coat, and resin blanks from a basic satin finish to a very high gloss glass finish.

  • Craft Coat Demo - The application and finish of Craft Coat (CC) on finished wood pens, bowls, and other finished items.


Kayla Cooper

Flower Girl Blanks

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Details here

Planned demonstrations include:

  • CA finishing by Kayla - A nice CA finish can look amazing but sometimes it is quite difficult to master. Kayla will show the basics to get a great shine every time with your CA finish.

  • Tube and Blank Preparation - A great blank can be ruined on a pen if you can see the tube and glue showing through. Kayla will cover the basic concepts for tube and blank painting for the best results on your finished pens.